Our Mission:

Safety. Domestication. Rehabilitation. Integration.

These are the core goals that drive the Zombie Training Academy's daily efforts. Whether your loved one is recently undead or was one of the first victims of the zombie epidemic, our goal is to help ease them back into society quickly and safely so that they can remain a part of your life.

The academy began in 2006 when our founder Guy Dumas discovered a zombie attempting to break into his home. That zombie was Zed, our first and most famous success story. Guy's patience and training helped Zed to find his new niche in society. The time that Guy spent with Zed was documented and made into Training Your Zombie, the academy's first series of instructional videos (see the Training section on this site). Guy's techniques have been developed and refined and are the basis of instruction used at the academy today.

Here at ZTA, we frown upon the phrase "zombie apocalypse." When you're with us, becoming a zombie is not the end of your world. It's the beginning of a new life.

Our Founder:

Guy Dumas