Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys freaking crazy?

Yes, we're crazy about what we do. We love guiding our students to become functional members of society once again.

How long will the program take?

Since each student's individual needs are different, each student has their own unique timeframe. We don't consider the program completed until a student can function on their own.

Are there any zombie instructors at ZTA?

There are no full-time zombie instructors at ZTA. However, our pioneer student Zed returns to the center to give special lectures to the student body from time to time.

Is ZTA safe for humans?

Yes. We take steps to make sure that every student is collared & leashed at all times on campus.

Has anyone at ZTA ever been bitten?

It's been more like nibbles of love. If an instructor is bitten, they become a student and receive discounted enrollment fees.

What does it cost to send a student to ZTA?

Enrollment fees are $5,000 per student. Tuition and housing are additional fees that are determined on an individual basis once the student's needs have been evaluated.

Is admission limited to zombies?

Yes. We only offer programs for zombies. They are our family and friends that have gone through a change of life. We work to bring them back to their human state of mind. Draculas and wolfies are intelligent creatures that are set in their ways. They are also difficult to work with and prefer to hunt our staff.

Does ZTA offer online classes?

We've heard there are no dumb questions, but this one is pretty stupid. At this time, training is on-campus only.

What is ZTA's success rate?

We'll admit that not every student successfully completes the program, but that's no different from traditional universities. In the end, the success depends on the desire and work of the student. According to our statistics, approximately 20% of ZTA students successfully complete the program.