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Riddlers Revenge

Here's a riddle: which roller coaster is worth standing up for? The Riddler's Revenge, at Six Flag's Magic Mountain of course. Located in Los Angeles, CA, it's a blazing-fast coaster with a twist: you'll stand, not sit, as you race at 65 mph head-over-heels six times over nearly one mile of twisting, looping, inverted steel track — for nearly three minutes.

Thrill-seekers will find more than a days worth of attractions to try. Six Flags Magic Mountain's impressive collection of roller coasters makes it one of the ultimate thrill parks. Tatsu, X, Scream, Goliath and Superman The Escape are all super-sized roller coasters that will get your adrenaline flowing.

Over the years, Six Flags Magic Mountain has launched many record-breaking attractions. In 1976, the park opened Revolution the world's first modern steel roller coaster with a vertical loop. In 1978, the park opened the world's largest dual-track wooden roller coaster, Colossus. Again in 1997, the Six Flags Magic Mountain broke records with the opening of Superman The Escape, the first thrill ride ever in the Northern Hemisphere to break 100 mph.