About Me

The L stands for Leroy. Samuel Leroy Jackson. Born December 21, 1948 in DC. I'm telling you, my chilhood was just your typical sh*t. I was nerdy, kind of a bookworm, but I was memorable. I suppose the story really starts when I was in college at Morehouse University. I switched majors from architecture to drama, all because I had a damn stammer that I was trying to get over. The rest, as they say, is f**king history.

I wish I could say that things started fast for me in the movie business, but it was slow as sh*t. I had a lot of small roles in the 80's: movies like Goodfellas, Exorcist 3 and Do the Right Thing. Don't remember seeing me? That's because if you blinked, you probably missed my ass. I had some problems that I had to get past back then. When Spike Lee put me in Jungle Fever, sh*t started to pick up. I finally got my big break in 1994 when I played Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. It's amazing what Oscar Nominations will do for your career.

I've been told that I'm in over 100 movies, but I lost count a long time ago. I just like to work. Always have. Through it all, my wife LaTanya and my daughter Zoe have been right by my side. I try to be the best husband and daddy that I can be, but it's tough to balance that and be the baddest motherf**ker on the planet at the same time.