• 7,000 BC: Oldest known archaeolocigal evidence of brewing
  • 3,500 BC: Oldest known chemical evidence of beer
  • 3,000 BC: Beer recipe found among earliest Sumerian tablets
  • 2,400 BC: Sumerians invent the straw to drink beer without the solids left from the brewing process
  • 1,760 BC: Standards for brewing and serving beer included in the Code of Hammurabi
  • 385 BC: Though it used wine instead of beer, Plato's Symposium records the first ever drinking game
  • 500 AD: Beer begins to be brewed in monastaries, as sustenance for monks during their times of fast
  • 822 AD: Hops are first used in beer
  • 1300 AD: Monastaries and pubs begin brewing beer for mass consumption.
  • 1514 AD: Germany passes the first "Beer Purity Law" mandating that beer can be made only from water, barley and hops
  • 1750 AD: The onset of the Industrial Revolution makes beer widely available
  • 1759 AD: Arthur Guinness opens a brewery and brews the first Guinness stout.
  • 1785 AD: Joseph Bramah invents draught beer
  • 1832 AD: Gabriel Seldmayr perfects the lager
  • 1870 AD: Breweries such as Anheuser-Busch use new refrigeration technology to ship cold beer
  • 1900 AD: Draught beer begins to be served from kegs
  • 1933 AD: The first explode-proof beer can is invented
  • 1935 AD: Krueger's Finest Ale is the first beer sold in cans
  • 1948 AD: Malt liquor is invented
  • 1950 AD: Beer pong is invented at Dartmouth University
  • 1971 AD: Budweiser and Miller become the dominant U.S. beer brands
  • 1973 AD: The first light beer, Miller Lite is invented
  • 1988 AD: Asahi Super Dry is the first dry-hopped beer
  • 1993 AD: Molson introduces ice beer
  • 2007 AD: History's largest beer bong is built from a funnel and two 25-meter garden hoses

Quote Board

"For a quart of ale is a dish for a king."

- William Shakespeare

"He was a wise man who invented beer."

- Plato

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

- Benjamin Franklin

"Beer: the cause of, and solution to all of life's problems."

- Homer Simpson